Beautiful Hydrangea in Wakayama Castle, Japan


As the rainy season approaches in June, hydrangeas can be seen everywhere in Wakayama City. They can be found in private gardens, in potted plants, in flower beds along the streets, and inside the castle…

Wakayama Castle has many faces in each of the four seasons, and in the castle’s Tsuru-no-Kei area, hydrangeas of various types and colors are planted, all blooming at the same time during this season.

The name comes from the fact that cranes were kept in this section of the castle when the Asano family was the lord of the castle.

和歌山城 紫陽花

The hydrangea surrounded by mossy stone walls is very emotional.

The Momijogei Garden right next door was also a quiet place where only the sound of rain could be heard.

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