Hiroyuki Dobashi

Hello! My name is Hiroyuki Dobashi, I am a linguist in Wakayama, Japan. I think translation is a wonderful job to encounter various sentences from various countries through English and make them into my mother tongue. I have been translating for over 10 years, especially specializing in Tourism & Travel, Sports & Fitness and Marketing now. Belonging to the faculty of education and majoring in psychology during my college days gave me some knowledge about these areas.

I’m also National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter.  Wakayama has various charms. I would like you to enjoy the beautiful sea, mountains, and rivers, and gourmet food made with delicious ingredients produced there. I will guide unique trips in Wakayama where you can immerse yourself in the history of the World Heritage Sites, castles, and burial mounds, and experiences where you can feel the unique culture of Japan, such as matcha tea in a tea room.
Wakayama has various charms. I would like you to enjoy the beautiful sea, mountains, and rivers, and gourmet food made with delicious ingredients produced there.

I’m also qualified to guide nature experiences (Forest Instructor) and able to handle outdoor activities, and also accompany you with light cycling and touring. I look forward to welcoming you in Wakayama.

Examples of Translation Work Experience

・”The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers”
by Scott Kelby

・Terms of Use and Site Policy

・Construction Business (Legal)

・Anko shop’s official recipe channel (Video)

・Investor’s web article (General)

・Papers on education and childcare (Academic)

・Works of Art Introduction

・Clinical trial data (Science)

・Promotions and Articles (Finance)

・Letter of recommendation for entering graduate school (General)

・Training pages in website of sales force assistant system (Engineering)

・News articles about the Middle East (Social Science)

・Abstract of paper of Analytical Psychology (Social Science)

・Business mails (General)

・In-house documents (General)

・Website introducing sake and producing areas (Marketing, Tourism)

・Tourist spots articles (Tourism)

・Sports related products and lessons (Marketing, Sports, Fitness)

・Management agreement of an agriculture area (Legal)

・News of blockchain (Finance)

・Internal Message from Connector Sensor Company CEO (Business)

・Gadget products (IT)

・Cloud communication service, UI (IT)

・AI training data provider (IT, Marketing, UI)

・Photo SNS application provider (Language Lead)

・Product information management service provider (Language Lead)

・Messaging application services (IT, UI, Marketing)

・Gaming app (Gaming, UI)

・Information management system (IT, Marketing)

・Search Engine Service Provider (IT, Marketing)

system construction (IT)

・Internet services (IT)

・Items on EC site (General)

・Hotel Group (Hospitality, Marketing, Creative translation)

・Hotel Group (Hospitality, Marketing)

・Product names for EC site (General)

・Virtual sports game app (Gaming, UI, Marketing)


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Tourism & Travel

Outbound demand in Japan has increased in recent years. Why not increase the number of potential tourists from this country with attractive catchphrases and natural brochures from native Japanese for after corona preparations?


Sports & Fitness

The is always a great demand for new information about sports in Japan. These people are interested in sports and fitness that they have never known, as well as the world’s latest information on matches in major sports such as soccer, tennis and golf. Why not have a professional with sports and fitness practices and knowledge translate your English into Japanese?



I will translate your website in more natural Japanese than AI. I am sure that my experience of writing in Japanese as well as translating over 10 years will be of use to you. You can choose between two translation methods, a translation that is faithful to the original documents, and a translation that makes the Japanese language more attractive. I can also do SEO translations that reflect search keywords.