It’s time to go hanami!

The cherry blossom viewing season has begun in earnest in Wakayama. The light red petals color Wakayama Castle.

Even on a weekday, many cherry blossom-viewing visitors enjoy the springtime on the grounds of the castle.

Wakayama Castle and Cherry Blossoms
Oitemon Gate
Wakayama Castle and Omotenashi Ninja

The “Omotenashi Ninjas,” who provide services to tourists, also work hard.

Birds and flowers seem to be sprawled out in the warm sunshine they have been waiting for.

Gray heron

Four New Tumulis Excavated at Kiifudoki-no-oka

Wakayama Prefectural Kiifudoki-no-oka has been conducting excavations of the Iwase Senzuka tumulus group since July 2021 in conjunction with the construction of the Prefectural Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (tentative).

The survey uncovered four new tombs, one of which is presumed to belong to a local authority. On March 26, a public information meeting was held for that tomb and another one.

Maeyama B370(tentative)
Maeyama B370(tentative)

Iwase Senzuka Tumulus Group consists of approximately 900 burial mounds which are built from around the end of the 4th century to the middle of the 7th century, on hills ranging from 80 to 150 meters above sea level.

Maeyama B370(tentative)
Maeyama B369(tentative)

Of the tombs discovered this time, the stone chamber of Maeyama B370 (tentative) is presumed to be an Iwase-type side-hole tomb, a 16-20 meter round burial mound, and experts believe that it was the tomb of an influential local person based on the secondary burial goods and its size.

The smaller Mayama B369 (tentative) is about 3 meters long and has a T-shaped stone chamber. This tomb is presumed to be a one-man burial mound.

Kiifudoki-no-oka plans to backfill and preserve these newly discovered tombs.

The farmhouse in Kiifudoki-no oka

Nagashi-bina Event of Awashima Shrine

March 3rd is the Doll’s Festival, Japanese people display a set of dolls and pray for the sound growth of girls in the family.

On this day, the “Nagashi-biina” event is held at Awashima Shrine in Wakayama City, where hina dolls delivered from all over Japan are put on a boat and floated out to sea.

Originally, there was a Chinese custom of going to the waterfront on March 3, or the Peach Festival, to hold an exorcism ceremony, which was then introduced to Japan.

The shrine is also famous as a women’s power spot, offering prayers for women’s health, easy childbirth, and the fulfillment of love.

Boulangerie Lapin

This bakery is located along the Koga-Kata Line, diagonally across from Higashi-Matsue Station on the Nankai-Kata Line. The bakery produces a wide variety of breads, including Danish, cream, and pizza breads, and new breads appears frequently.

They also have cute breads that will surely please your children!


Walking from Wakayama City Station, past the city library, the takoyaki shop Kururi, and the set meal shop Ajiiichi, you will find this store just before the crossroad near the railroad crossing.
There is no conspicuous signboard, so you may easily pass by this hidden cafe, where the master with a nice smile carefully brews coffee for you. The space is stylish and retro, with soft vinyl dolls of Godzilla or Ultraman here and there, and posters of the Osaka Expo on display.

カフェ・オレ Cafe au lait(¥400)

Busy Latter Half of July

I’ve been a little busy with some large projects that are ordered at the end of each month and a few one-off projects.

During the day, when I go outside, the strong sun makes me flinch, but in my room or in the shade, it is surprisingly comfortable and a refreshing breeze blows through. It seems that I don’t need air conditioning at all in this room.

I was planning to go camping in Tomogashima when I get off work, but after checking the website, I found out that camping and barbecues are not allowed from April. It looks like I missed the timing after Wakayama Premium 2.

Still, there are campsites here and there, such as Jinojima, so I hope to make use of them during the summer first.

The sunset that I see from my room every day is breathtakingly beautiful. The sky has never been the same, not even for a day. It is really a plush view.


Summer has come!

The rainy season ended about a week ago, and summer is in full swing in Wakayama.

I felt a little relieved after delivering one of my projects, so I took a short walk after lunch. The summer sun beat down on me.

I really wanted to go cycling, but I had a bad fall from my bike a few days ago, and I still have some scars here and there, so I held off for today.

I was sweating as soon as I walked, but the refreshing breeze was constantly blowing.

Today was also a national holiday, but there weren’t that many cyclists on the Kinokawa Bike Path.

I bought some ice cream at a drugstore on the way, and then went to Bakery Lobo to buy some sweet potato danish for tomorrow’s breakfast.


The home page renewed!

Unusual Summer

Hello! In Japan, the temperature has been over 35 degrees Celsius every day, but it seems to be about to peak. This summer, I don’t have many chances to go out because of the hot weather and COVID. It’s a shame for me, who likes summer the best of all seasons, so I hope I will be able to go around more freely next year.  It was fortunate that more time at home gave me the motivation to renew this website. The home page now has much more information than it used to, and the header can lead you to the page about the rate and ordering process. 

The home page will continue to be updated gradually. I hope you look forward to it with this blog.

Orthetrum albistylum, photo by Hiroyuki Dobashi



Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for coming to our site. I am a freelancer who runs a translation office called Tama Transmission Office by myself and is an English-Japanese/Japanese-English translator.

The world of translation can be roughly divided into three categories: publication translation, video translation, and business translation. What I do is business translation. In short, there are various fields of business translation such as contracts, internal documents, patents, technical manuals, papers, websites, videos, game contents, etc. I translate news articles, papers, in-house materials, and culture and art. See the top page for translation examples. I lined them up little by little.

A person who once tried to pass a graduate school exam but couldn’t pass because of his poor English is now working as a translator. You never know what the future will be.

I still think that I have to improve my translation skills and English skills, but before long, I want to do Finnish translation and work as an interpreter guide. We will also gradually realize the goals we have set up.

As not so many people would read this article, I gave it a rather flat greeting. I would like to write articles focusing on translation and languages.

I look forward to working with you.