Tomogashima Island in Wakayama City

Tomogashima Island: Where Nature and History Unite

Tomogashima is a group of uninhabited islands located between Kata and Awaji Island in Wakayama City. Dotted with fantasy-like ruins, the islands enjoy a strong following among ruin lovers and anime fans.

The rich natural environment is another attraction, and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. Ferries depart from Kada Port in Wakayama City, making it a popular tourist destination in the Kansai region as an easily accessible uninhabited island.

A group of uninhabited islands consisting of four islands: Okinoshima, Torashima, Kamishima, and Jinoshima. Okinoshima is mainly enjoyed by tourists. You can enjoy the rich nature, which is designated as a prefectural natural monument, while taking a walk or camping. It became known through TV programs and social media because some of the buildings look just like the scenery from the Ghibli movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky.