Internet search for information on Japan + Translation

Internet Searching for Information on Japan + Translation

Service Description

Have you ever felt “I want to save time searching and summarizing information about Japan.” or “I can’t find the information I want on the website.”?

On your behalf, this service provide you searches for necessary information from Japanese sites and gives you summaries or translated documents in English.


・Real opinions of the local people where you are going to study abroad

・How do people in Japan report the news that is trending around the world?

・Latest information on Japanese anime and manga

・Information about Japan for blog posts

・Japanese reviews of products to import

・Contents of speeches or statements by a Japanese prime minister or public figures that are more detailed than the news


1.Summary: We summarize our search in English.

2.Original text: We will hand you the Japanese texts of the search. It is also possible to summarize the original texts in Japanese.

3.Images, Graphics, Tables, and Graphs: Images, graphics, tables, and graphs used in the site and accompanying descriptions are translated and provided.

4.Additional URL: Adding URLs to the standard service 10 URLs.

5.Translation: Translating the documents of entire search. You can also place an order after our searching.

”海外情報の検索” + 翻訳 サービス のここがポイント!





What you cannot order

We may not be able to accept your order depending on your request.

・We can’t find enough search results after preliminary research.

・Research to identify personal information

・Summary of High-level expert contents