Busy Latter Half of July

I’ve been a little busy with some large projects that are ordered at the end of each month and a few one-off projects.

During the day, when I go outside, the strong sun makes me flinch, but in my room or in the shade, it is surprisingly comfortable and a refreshing breeze blows through. It seems that I don’t need air conditioning at all in this room.

I was planning to go camping in Tomogashima when I get off work, but after checking the website, I found out that camping and barbecues are not allowed from April. It looks like I missed the timing after Wakayama Premium 2.

Still, there are campsites here and there, such as Jinojima, so I hope to make use of them during the summer first.

The sunset that I see from my room every day is breathtakingly beautiful. The sky has never been the same, not even for a day. It is really a plush view.


Summer has come!

The rainy season ended about a week ago, and summer is in full swing in Wakayama.

I felt a little relieved after delivering one of my projects, so I took a short walk after lunch. The summer sun beat down on me.

I really wanted to go cycling, but I had a bad fall from my bike a few days ago, and I still have some scars here and there, so I held off for today.

I was sweating as soon as I walked, but the refreshing breeze was constantly blowing.

Today was also a national holiday, but there weren’t that many cyclists on the Kinokawa Bike Path.

I bought some ice cream at a drugstore on the way, and then went to Bakery Lobo to buy some sweet potato danish for tomorrow’s breakfast.